The expat information center for every HR Manager


It has never been so easy to share information. The Internet, social media and (mobile) phone are indispensable aspects of this. But at times it may be necessary to physically bring carriers of information and knowledge to the Netherlands, to your company or organization. Or to transfer them to a foreign branch. If you are the HR Manager and wish to transfer an employee into or out of the country, then you will know that this requires a lot of work, time, effort and expertise. Expat Services WorldWide (ESWW) has the in-house expertise to take all legal, cultural and, of course, practical problems off your hands. So that your work- or knowledge migrant may focus on their job within your organization without further delay.

Knowledge center of transfers into and out of the country

Expat Services WorldWide is a joint enterprise of six renowned businesses, each with its own field of expertise. This way ESWW has all its expat services under one roof, and the lines of communication between the various fields of expertise are short. The coordination of cross-border activities is our core business. To practically every question or challenge regarding cross-border activities, our information center can provide a suitable answer. Expat Services WorldWide ensures that your foreign employee can get to work without unnecessary delays.

How does ESWW take the burden off your shoulders?

A good preparation is an important aspect of a successful transfer of employees. Expat Services WorldWide has an account manager for Incoming Transfers and an account manager for Outgoing Transfers. They are accustomed to working closely together within every field of expertise in the information center. This way foreign employees are guided through all the procedures regarding living and working in the Netherlands or abroad. This includes visas, work- and residence permits, education, tax advice, housing and relocations. Alternatively, you may opt for separate services. Our experts take the burden off your shoulders by combining personal assistance with professional advice.

ESWW work method

If you have not worked with Expat Services WorldWide before, call us at +31-(0)23-5553184 or fill out the contact form, and we will arrange an introductory appointment with one or more of our consultants. This can be arranged via Skype, or at your or our offices. During this introduction, we will inventarize the (sub-)fields in which we may provide you with advice and/or assistance. If you have specific questions, this inventarization may be immediately followed-up by a consultation.

Fields or expertise

Expat Services WorldWide is a joint enterprise of several fields of expertise under one roof.

  • Visa
  • Work and residence permit abroad
  • Work and residence permit for the Netherlands
  • Housing
  • International moving
  • Insurances
  • Education
  • Partner assistance
  • 30% tax ruling
  • Fiscal planning