Expat services for the HR Manager

The expat services of ESWW make expats feel welcome right away. This has a direct effect on the expats’ performance. ESWW aims to provide expats with a new home wherever they are in the world. Not just in the Netherlands, but worldwide! ESWW does so by combining its experience and expertise and making it available to its clients. Expat Services Worldwide (ESWW) is a perfect match of several well-known companies regarding expat services. It has years of experience in every field, ranging from visas to relocations, to and from any country in the world, regardless of nationality.

Our success factors are:

Personal touch: Every expat and client has 1 account manager.

Transparency: Always and everywhere (24/7) access to a transparent information system. It shows the progress made regarding all processes and assignments.

Taking care of everything: From visas to relocations, from social security numbers to the 30% tax allowance plan, from housing to taxes and social security arrangements
– By combining all sorts of expertise, ESWW houses a complete package of services under one roof. For example, visas for every country, worldwide relocations, storage, housing, home furnishing, prompt availability of social security numbers, healthcare insurance from day one, (inter)national tax matters and insurance policies, and the best conditions for the 30% tax allowance.

– You are the HR Manager
In your capacity of HR Manager, you wish to give expats a good and warm welcome, so that they feel at home right away and will integrate faster. As the HR Manager, you wish to save your precious time by working together with one professional party. One that has the expertise to handle in a smooth and expeditious way all the expat’s affairs. At ESWW, you will find any service  you require: expat services in the Netherlands, outside the Netherlands, worldwide, regardless of nationality.

– You are an expat
If you want to be sure you get the best possible start, it is essential that everything is taken care of to the last detail. Not all employers are able or willing to arrange everything (on his/her own). If you aim for success, then use our services!

ESWW will take care of it

If you need more information, then check out our internet portal for the various kinds of services. Alternatively, you can complete our information form right away, and you will be sent further details. ESWW will contact you without obligation.


- We make sure you receive your visa from the Netherlands or from abroad (business visa, work visa, Schengen visa, single, double or multiple entry)

+Work/residence permit abroad

- Customized immigration advice
- Work permit application
- Residence permit application
- Translation of essential documents
- Legalisation of essential documents
- Medical check-up
- Personal assistance

+Additional services abroad

- Housing

+Work/residence permit for the Netherlands

- Customized immigration advice (skilled migrant, EU-citizen, trainee, intern, student, family)
- Work permit application
- Residence permit application
- Translation of essential documents
- Legalisation of essential documents
- Acting as authorized representative of the employer and foreign employee
- Personal guidance for the foreign employee and family in contacts with various authorities (‘IND’ Immigration and Naturalization Service, local authorities, ‘GGD’ Health Service)
- Renewal of work- and residence permits
- Updates of work- and residence permits

+Additional services in the Netherlands

- Conversion of your foreign driver’s license
- Opening a bank account
- Cultural training
- Dutch language course
- Job guidance for your partner


- Assistance in finding suitable housing
- Organization and personal supervision of a housing tour.
- Acting as an independent broker in cooperation with the real estate agent and/or owner
- Support with drawing up a tenancy contract
- Doing the in- and out-check
- Applying for utilities services, cable network, and internet
- Taking out a liability insurance and home contents insurance
- Arranging a parking permit
- Registering with a family doctor, dentist, and pharmacist
- Information about public transportation

+International relocations

- Sea-borne cargo
- Air cargo
- European relocations
- Storage of home contents
- Archive depository
- Customs warehouse
- Customs formalities
- Transportation insurance
- Transportation of domestic animals
- Transportation of motor vehicles


Work/residence permit abroad
Additional services abroad
Work/residence permit for the Netherlands
Additional services in the Netherlands
International relocations
- Worldwide tailor-made advice about education
- Information and support with the application process
- Advice and support with respect to the preparation
- Advice and support during the expatriation
- Advice and support with respect to the return to the home country

+Partner support

- Worldwide taylor-made advice about tertiary education
- Information and support with the application process
- Advice and support with respect to the return to the home country


- Health insurance
Possible from day one, so even without a “BSN” (Citizen Service Number)

- SOS emergency help
Comprehensive cover, enabling relatives to travel to the expat in the event of a calamity.

- Funeral
Funeral or cremation in the Netherlands or in the native country.

- Occupational disability insurance
Provides income Insurance in the event of prolonged illness

- Pension
Settled for now and for later

- Accidents
A lump-sum payment in the event of death or disability

- Mortgage
To buy a home in the Netherlands

- Liability
Concerning damage inflicted on others, caused by yourself, your family, and your pets


- personal income tax and corporate income tax returns
- (International) tax planning
- Consultation

+30% allowance rule

- Applications
- Interim test
- Consultation

+Social insurance laws

- Applying for a declaration regarding applicable laws / International transfer certificate.
- Applying for a declaration regarding the continuation of voluntary insurance.

+Additional services

- healthcare allowance
- childcare allowance
- child benefits

+Payroll accounting

- Keeping complete payroll records
- HR services
- Consultation

+Financial accounts

- Bookkeeping
- Sales tax returns
- Annual accounts

+Legal advice

- Primary legal advice